Some AB-solute must do’s when you are with us in Scotland

Some AB-solute must do’s when you are with us in Scotland

Drive or cycle the Bealach na Ba… Photo stalking… Follow one of our foodie trails…



Drive or cycle the Bealach na Ba

Located on the Applecross Peninsula in the North West Highlands the name is translated from Gaelic for – ‘The pass of the cattle! We won’t make you herd any cattle up the steep and windy road, but we will arrange for you to experience it either by motor transport or pedal power. And to celebrate your epic journey, some lovely Scottish food, beer and whisky will be waiting for you in the wonderful Applecross Inn which is at the other side of the pass. Cheers!


Photo stalking

We will arrange for you to shoot some our most iconic wildlife……not with a gun, but with a camera! Much more friendly!

Our experienced guides will take you deep into ‘wild Scotland’ so you can get close to Red Deer, Roe Deer, Otters, Golden Eagles and many more beautiful creatures……….and then click…you have the picture that you will cherish for a long time and always remind you of your unique day in the Highlands


Follow one of our foodie trails!

For the keen gastronomes among our clients! We can tailor-make a specific journey for you where you will experience all that is great about Scottish food and drink. The Seafood Trail, The Whisky Trail, The Cheese Trail, the Real Ale trail….the choice is yours, you won’t be disappointed…or hungry afterwards!


Take a ‘selfie’ at the top of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh

What great photo opportunity this is……but you have to work for it. The Scott Monument is the largest monument to a writer in the world…our very own Sir Walter Scott. There are no lifts to the top….you have to climb all 287 steps and the reward is a fantastic 360 degree view of beautiful Edinburgh…the best place for that ‘selfie’!


Wear the kilt…

To your Gala Dinner or even more fun during one of your outdoor activities! We all love wearing the kilt here in Scotland, (even our Leader has been spotted sporting the lovely tartan!) although we don’t do this as much as we would like. So when our clients want to wear the kilt during their programme (indoors or outdoors) we arrange everything for them, the right measurements, the right style and have the outfits waiting for them at their hotel, where we also help to fit them as it can be a complicated process. The AB team always join in too!