How do you plan the best golf tours in Scotland?

How do you plan the best golf tours in Scotland?

Scotland as a tourism destination is known around the world for many reasons. Over 120 working whisky distilleries, 2,000 historic castles and of course the highest mountain in the UK is in our back garden!

But when it comes to golf, Scotland is world famous for having some of the best golf courses on the planet. It is, after all, golf’s spiritual home*. 



So how do you go about planning a golf tour in Scotland? What do you need to make sure it’s an unforgettable trip for your business clients or corporate incentive group? Let me explain….

Choosing your courses

There are over 550 stunning golf courses throughout Scotland; some more well-known than others, from classic links courses to beautiful inland parkland style courses. We also have many Par 3 courses for the beginner or for those who just want a taste of the game! This makes picking the right courses pretty tricky if you don’t know much about them. Choosing a local partner who not only knows many of the courses, but has also played them, is a great first step in making sure your Scottish golf trip hits the mark. 

The right accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation for your golf tour group is as important as the golf itself. We’re lucky to have a fantastic selection of hotels, castles and luxurious ‘hidden gem’ private venues on our roster for you to choose from. 

The best ‘après-golf’

Much like many sporting tours and adventures, the socialising after a strenuous day on the golf course is one of the most memorable parts of any golf tour – or corporate incentive for that matter! We can arrange the perfect dining experiences in local restaurants, drinks in the local pub where you can share your story of that amazing ‘birdie’ with the locals, and of course any other kind of activity or experience you would like to include in your personalised trip. 


Here at Andrew Burnet and Co, we can take care of all of this for you, ensuring that you focus on engaging with your guests during a truly memorable trip to Scotland. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create a wonderful Scotland golf tour, get in touch. I’d love to have a chat. 


* For those that are interested, here’s the ‘Home of Golf’ proof 😉

There may be some countries that argue otherwise, but it is largely accepted that Scotland is the official birthplace of golf. According to Historic UK, the modern iteration of golf originated from a game played by bored shepherds on the east coast of Scotland. Players would attempt to hit pebbles around tracks and over sand dunes using a bent stick. It maybe doesn’t sound as interesting as the modern version, but it distracted members of the 1457 military to the point where King James II banned it.

The ban didn’t last long however, and golf was re-established in 1502 with the royal seal of approval from King James IV of Scotland. Thanks to the approval of the monarchy, the gradual introduction of golfing clubs with official rules and prizes and with the birth of the railway, golf only increased in popularity and remains a huge aspect of Scottish culture even to this day.

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