Team Building Events Scotland

Team Building Events Scotland

You may have noticed an increase in the number of times that the term ‘team building’ has been uttered as of late.



You may have noticed an increase in the number of times that the term ‘team building’ has been uttered as of late. It has certainly become somewhat of a trend within the corporate world to organise team events. There has also been a slight cynicism attached, as is always the way when it comes to changes and trends. However, the team at Andrew Burnet believe that team building is more than just a buzzword. We can help you produce a fantastic itinerary for some effective team building events in Scotland. Our team have the connections and knowledge necessary to make your team building event a success.

Benefits of Team Building Events

To put it short, the main goals of team building events are to motivate staff. If staff are motivated, this will then lead to them becoming more productive. In this case, everyone is happy. You could argue that maybe there are easier ways to motivate staff. If you were to offer staff a monetary incentive, sure, you would maybe have happier staff for a short period. However, you’d be missing out on the other benefits of team building events. Scotland has opportunities aplenty for some fantastic activities. Not only will these be fun for your staff, but it also provides a great opportunity for the development of team bonds. They are a fun way to encourage the development of co-operation, creativity and trust within your team. The success of most organisations is dependent on many people coming to work together to hit targets and problem solve. So, it makes sense to promote these bonds in any way possible.

Why is Scotland great for Team Building Events?

Scotland is a country that is full of variety. No matter what type of team building itinerary you would like to provide for your staff, there is guaranteed to be the perfect locations available. There are some truly unique activities within Scotland that you would not find elsewhere. For example, nothing brings a team together quite like throwing a wellie. Highland Games are a Scottish tradition that cannot be replicated outside of the country. Your team will be able to enjoy team building with a ‘tartan twist’ in some gorgeous settings. There are so many regions to choose from, and all of these come with their own distinct forms of entertainment. With both indoor and outdoor activities appearing in our previous itineraries, there will be something suited for everyone.

Why choose Andrew Burnet?

So, we’ve established that a team building event in Scotland could be the ultimate form of motivation and team bonding. One that everyone will enjoy. They can be a huge success if done properly. However, the key phrase here is ‘can be.‘ In order for your organisation to get the most out of team building events in Scotland, you need a planner who can ensure that you get the best of the best. You need a planning team that is creative and that have the right connections so that you can enjoy well-thought-out activities that will spark co-operation and enjoyment. Andrew Burnet has been planning team building events in Scotland since 2002. Many clients have reaped the benefits from our unique Scottish take on team building incentives. For more information, please feel free to get in contact.