Whether you like tradition, contemporary, or a blend of both, this amazing country has it all.

Scotland has all the ingredients for a memorable incentive programme – highland scenery, magical castles, whisky distilleries, superb food, unique dining venues, exciting city life and accommodation to suit every clients taste and budget.

View sample itineraries:

Mexican Bank incentive – Edinburgh & The Highlands

Brazilian Fashion Label incentive – Edinburgh

For clients looking for a truly unique ‘Scottish Highland’ adventure, the AB team know exactly where to go, whether that be monster hunting at Loch Ness, a journey along our highland whisky trail (tasting a ‘wee dram’ at each distillery of course!), a night in a haunted castle or just brilliant fun playing Highland Games in the shadow of our majestic mountains, guests will breath in the crisp highland air, smell the purple heather, taste the rich water… oh… and wear the kilt too if they prefer!

North East Scotland & The Highlands

Inverness is the most northerly city in Scotland and the "gateway" to the Highlands, the rugged and impressive area of Scotland that is recognised around the world.

Perthshire & The Central Highlands

A place of remarkable natural beauty with its tranquil glens, lush forests and a vibrant, ancient city – Perth - which is also Scotland’s most recent created city.

Glasgow & The West of Scotland

Glasgow is a contemporary and lively city with some of the best fashion shopping and restaurants outside London.

Edinburgh, The Kingdom of Fife & Southern Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the most distinctive and recognised cities in the world.


Andrew and the team have great experience in creating incentive trips in all parts of Scotland. Stylish city based programmes in Edinburgh, Perth, Glasgow, Inverness or Aberdeen, these are Scotland’s five major cities and each offers a different back drop for an exciting, culture filled experience.


Have a look at our lovely map, tell us where you would like to go and we will create a very special incentive programme for you featuring the unique aspects of the region you have chosen!