Why are we so passionate about Scotland as an incentive and corporate event destination?

Lots of reasons really… the Scottish people are naturally warm and friendly and we love welcoming visitors!

We have many beautiful hotels, castles, private dining venues and wide open spaces for activities or for just chilling!


Our food and drink can compete with the best in the world, just think about Angus beef, Scottish lamb, a River Spey salmon or Perthshire strawberries, even our fish & chips regularly win awards – lots of sauce but not too much salt thanks! We’re not sure about the deep fried Mars Bars though!

Something our guests regularly comment on after being here for a few days is how amazing the views are in Scotland, in our cities, from our 6,000 miles of coastline and out in our varied countryside. For a small country we have such big skies and incredible vistas, there’s always something surprising around the next corner…

So when we plan an incentive programme for a client, we always make sure there’s a ‘wow’ factor view involved at least once a day! Have a look at some we really like.